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Spring 2023

REFLECTION: In this course, I learned about the business side of interior design. This is such an important element of being a successful interior designer, especially if I go on to own my own business. My classmates and I learned about the importance of managing the business aspect of design in order to be successful in the trade. We covered a variety of topics such as business formations, legal implications, charging clients, marketing, etc.  What I enjoyed most about this course was putting my graphic design skills to the test and creating my personal brand with my logo, resume, and e-portfolio. Below are other sample projects I completed in this course. 



Letter of Agreement IMAGE_Page_1.jpg

For this assignment, I was tasked with drawing up a Letter of Agreement between myself as a sole proprietor, and my client. 

I took the position of a designer preparing to start my own business. I researched the different formations and chose the one I felt was best for my proposed business. 


The objective of this assignment was to write a business plan for the type of firm I was interested in starting. I used the information from the business formation assignment as a starting point. 


Interior Design Mailout Image.jpg

For this assignment, I was tasked with creating a one or two-sided mailer for both digital and regular mailing. This mailer is an exercise showing how to promote my proposed business and introduce my firm to the market.

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