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For this project, I was tasked with finding a magazine image I could recreate using one-point perspective. I utilized graphite pencils, erasers, and blending stumps to render the space. The first step in the process was to create an identical grid over the image and my sketchbook page. From there, I was able to transfer lines of walls, flooring, furniture, and more. After many hours and hand cramps, I completed the final product.

LIVING ROOM presdraw_edited.jpg

This project required me to hand-draw a one-point dining room perspective using the grid method. I was given creative freedom to develop the interior and specified all furniture used. This project was a fun challenge for me as I was unfamiliar with this drawing method. After several hours and erasers, I finished the completed dining room. 

IMG_8981 (2)_edited.jpg

Isaac and Ava Richards and their tabby cat, Nico, are getting ready to start their life together after purchasing their new townhouse located in Austin, Texas. Their home has been designed for both entertainment and functionality while drawing inspiration from luxury vehicle interiors. While a large home office provides functionality for the busy couple, an upstairs lounge and bar area, as well as extensive seating in the courtyard allows this couple to do what they love most — entertain. There is a blend of materials and textures throughout the space to tie in both industrial and modern design. Smooth leather, natural wood, and stone mix to create an ambiance of modern luxury, reminiscent of the automotive industry.


First Floor


Second Floor

transverse section.jpg

Transverse Section - First Floor

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