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Motel Renovation: 


4703 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009


Spring 2022

CLIENT PROFILE: Gillian Reynolds recently inherited The Admiral hotel from her Father, Ben. As a child, she loved visiting the cozy motel and seeing the many guests that came through the historic neighborhood. Now, her favorite little motel has lost its way. With lackluster interiors and a crumbling exterior, Gillian decided it was time to revive the Admiral to its former glory. Her goal for the improved space is to draw the community in and provide a place, not only for a stylish night's stay, but to have fun, relax, and come together as a community to enjoy one of the neighborhood’s core values: art. She wants the space to be accessible to anyone and everyone. All common areas and ground-level rooms shall be ADA compliant and suites shall be available to families or group travelers.

DESIGN CONCEPT: Introducing the bold new design for The Gallery, a motel located in The Heights neighborhood of Houston, Texas. The design will exhibit Houston’s love for the Fine Arts by drawing inspiration from French painter, Robert Delaunay. Delaunay’s bold use of color and geometric shapes will give the outdated motel the revitalization it deserves. In the Heights, we see a pleasant mix of old and new. Victorian homes line Heights Boulevard while modern additions such as the Heights Mercantile shopping mall give a new flair to the neighborhood. The design of The Gallery will reflect the ever-changing neighborhood by respecting the existing architecture of The Admiral and revitalizing the exterior to keep the traditional heart of the Heights alive. A modern contemporary interior will help The Gallery keep up with the modern times as well as honor Robert Delaunay's timeless art style. The Gallery Motel will have a combination of rooms, including ADA accessible guest rooms and family suites. A restaurant cafe will also be located on the property for a warm meal or caffeine fix throughout the day. A patio and stage area will provide extensive outdoor seating for the restaurant with live music, poetry slams, comedy, and more.


Gallery Motel Site Plan.jpg


Car Ports


ADA Guest Rooms

Family Suites


Commercail Project 3 - Katie Lawrance RECEPTION.png

Reception / Lobby

GALLERY - Suite.png

ADA Guest Room

Family Suite 

Commercail Project 3 - Katie Lawrance RESTAURANT.png
GALLERY - Patio.png

Restaurant & Patio


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