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Retail Brick-and-Mortar

Approx. SF. 1600


645 Heights Blvd, Suite D

Houston, TX 77007


Spring 2022

CLIENT PROFILE: The owner of Love Shack Earring Company, Shannon Greene, is ready to open her small business in a brick-and-mortar shop in the Heights Mercantile shopping center in Houston, Tx. Since taking her products on the road, Shannon's business has become known in the Houston community and blossomed into a full-blown retro accessory shop. Her goals for her new and improved space are to accommodate a wider range of customers, sell more products, and create a vibrant space that pulls her customers back in time.

CONCEPT STATEMENT: Introducing the groovy new design for Love Shack, a 70s accessory shop that’s all about self-love and finding new fun ways to express yourself. Love Shack is a boutique hitting the Heights Mercantile shopping center in Houston, Tx that will bring back the good vibes of the 70s with its retro-inspired products and 70s color palette. The design will reflect Shannon’s love for the era’s music and pop culture and will provide a platform to sell her quirky and groovy jewelry and accessories. Love Shack will offer its original range of quirky earrings, as well as crochet accessories, retro-styled jewelry, and authentic 70s merchandise. The goal of this business is to help individuals express themselves with fun unconventional accessories that will bring them confidence in a time when younger generations are struggling with their mental health. A percentage of profits will be donated to nonprofit organizations such as the Montrose Center. This organization started as a mental health center but has evolved into much more. The non-profit offers a clinic, domestic-abuse shelter, and loads of other programs from yoga to housing and job training for homeless LGBTQ+ teens. The Montrose Center is now the fifth-largest LGBTQ+ community center in the nation and Love Shack is proud to give support during these unprecedented times.


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